dm drogerie markt belongs to the largest drugstore chains in Central and Eastern Europe. The first store was opened in 1973 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and the first in Austria in 1976 in the city of Linz. The group's headquarters are located in Salzburg, Austria. Today, the dm brand is represented in 13 countries in Europe.

dm Bulgaria joined the group on January 29, 2009 with its first store in Vidin. dm's range covers over 14,000 items - an extraordinary number of cosmetics, perfumes, home goods, pet food, baby products and much more. The diverse assortment is complemented by 30 dm's own brands, the most popular of which are: Balea, babylove, alverde, DONTODENT, Denkmit, Profissimo and dmBio, and the products of three of them are not available in dm Bulgaria.

dm's goal is to build a company that meets the client's needs, to be a reliable and fair partner, to offer its employees development opportunities. That is why dm places the person at the center of its activity - as a customer, employee or partner. "Here I am a person, here I shop."

You will find the newest dm store in May 2021 on level -2 in Bulgaria Mall.

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