Next Level Fitness at Bulgaria Mall

More than satisfaction

We strive to provide you with unique suggestions to make your every workout enjoyable, effective and fully tailored to your expectations and desires.

We do our best to have the time in the fitness club to maximize your enjoyment.

Various group activities

We offer many different group activities!

You can choose between dance classes, exercises that increase body flexibility and strength, and high-intensity activities for more calories burned.

Fitness instructors with experience

The key to success lies in motivation and appropriate training, and they come with the help of our fitness instructors.

Talk to them about everything you care about. Whether you are new or advanced, they will meet your needs.

Your favorite place

With our fitness clubs we aim to give you more opportunities for movement and a healthy lifestyle!

That is why we carefully select our locations to create an inspiring atmosphere through unique interior solutions, first class equipment and responsive staff.

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