They say, that the all the good things have an ending. For those who don’t believe in this, we found a perfect example to prove you wrong. We are proud to present the latest member of Spaghetti Companyís family. The location of the new restaurant is in Mall Bulgaria on third level and has magnificent view of mountain Vitosha. For those who already know the company and their restaurants, we are sure that they are not going to miss the unique atmosphere, the delicious food and great staff.

You can stop by for a coffee or breakfast in the morning. The lunch specials we change daily and they are a different varieties of salad, soup, homemade pasta, main course and dessert. The menu of Spaghetti Company- Mall Bulgaria is carefully selected from the Mediterranean food and excellent choice of wines.
Spaghetti company itís a great combination between, modern style, chill out music, amazing food and quality service. We are ready to welcome you and make you fill comfortable like you are at home.

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