Esprit is a way of life. Today, more than ever, Esprit is an international, youth brand, offering its customers intelligent and affordable luxury so they can always be able to enrich their lives with something special and new, which completes the contemporary taste and style. This lifestyle concept is the focal point of Esprit philosophy. The brand uses that to give its customers the guidence and security they need in this market, saturated with short-term tendencies. It is therefore not surprising that the Esprit brand is among the highest level of repeat sales, those with the most loyal customers. And this has nothing to do with age, but with the sharing principle and the sense of togetherness that characterizes the target groups of Esprit. Esprit continually invest in quality and convenience. The constant focus: the unique Esprit (spirit) of the products and convincing value for money. This high standard is applied in the manufacturing of the Esprit products.

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