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Vayana collection is a BTB Bulgaria brand that is already 17 years on the market and inculcate a successful combination of Bulgarian design and German accuracy.

Vayana Collection is brand for the ladies that value their own nature and want to show it, for the ladies that the class is an immutable part of the everyday life and it shows with presence and style.

Vayana Collection is the Bulgarian brand of the modern lady – elegant and with a style, ready for the dynamics of the day with a smile. A woman with imagination and highlightened identity that easily  shows her potential in the fast rythm of the business world. A charismatic woman with position, genuine attitude and style.

The elegant design is the writing of the the brand that gives unique feeling – simple silhouette, high-quality processings and first-class materials form Vayana Collection’s image. The uncompromising quality assures comfortable combinations suitable for the working day. The collection lines combined with the cuts and the materials are selected for comfort and ease in everyday life, specially designed to meet the highest standarts.

The woman dressed with Vayana Collection models gifts herself class and comfort, values herself in her natural feminine sophistication through perfect form, material and style.

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