Desigual, a Spanish company working in the textile and fashion industry with its headquarters in Barcelona, is characterised by its distinct, optimistic and colourful designs. The company began operating under the slogan ‘Desigual, it’s not the same’ in 1984, when Thomas Meyer, the founder and president of Desigual, visualised a future in which people could dress differently in fun and fresh clothing at affordable prices.

“La Vida es Chula” has been Desigual’s slogan since the beginning. This is the brand’s battle cry, an enthusiastic, stimulating, positive, optimistic slogan and a true declaration of intent. The slogan reflects Desigual’s way of thinking that is inevitably influenced by the Mediterranean, the sun, light, passion and a lust for life. A philosophy of life that reflects a way of dressing: fun, fresh, original and always instilled with a happy, playful and creative attitude. Be confident, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Desigual designs collections for: Women, Men, Kids, Shoes, Living and Accessories. Creating positive emotions through original, colourful, quality clothing for everyone, with a mission: to share joy, a love of life and a slightly unconventional spirit. Desigual clothes are an invitation to life, they inspire those who wear them. Our aim is to convey something different, positive and fun through our clothesthe Desigual experience. The brand is loyal to its six values: Recognition, Positivity, Tolerance, Respect, Commitment, Fun and last but not least, Constant Improvement. By staying true to these values the brand able to grow year after year with a clear mission: for every wardrobe in the world to have at least one Desigual item.

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