Animal is not only a British action sport brand, but also a way of life!

Design and elaboration of autentic clothes for surfing, snow, bike and board sports, accessories, watches and technical products.

Animal was founded in 1987 by two surfers who were sick of losing their watches in the water because their watchstraps unhooked or were teared from the extreme conditions. They come up with a solution in the form of velcro strip in the watchstrap which ends their problems.

Sounds like а cliche but they start a “manufacture” in one of their mothers’ house backyard. They start to make small amounts of straps and sell them to their surfer friends. With the fundraising the two surfers pay their surf travels where the pair sells more straps for funding their escape and storm chasing.

The simplicity of the straps and their strenght make them appropriate for other sports like windsurfing, kiteoard and wakeboard, snowboard, skateboard and mountain bike. First of all the straps are a functional product and their manufacture is functional too. They become a success and that is how Animal was born. Not so long after that Animal starts to produce sport watches.

Animal is the sport life brand and is proud of a big team of competitors in each of its basic sports. The sports are surf, snowboard, ski, BMX, skate and Mountain Bike. All the products are tested and bettered by the Animal pro team for a true amazing experience. The Animal products now include clothes, watches, neoprene, technical jackets, glasses, shoes, luggage and accessories.

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