About us

We at Bulgaria Mall know how important is the time we spend shopping to be enjoyable and easily organized. So we dare say that Bulgaria Mall is the place that offers its visitors a different experience. This is due to several key benefits we are excited to share: strategic location, design, easy orientation, vast glass rooftop, providing natural light, very suitable for parents, and exclusive brands.


Located at the intersection of Bulgaria Blvd. and T.Kablshkov Blvd., Bulgaria Mall attracts attention with its stylish exterior.  At night the shopping center is even more impressive, because of its dynamic LED lighting system- allowing the building to be colored in any way possible.


Visitors can enjoy a variety of diverse but exclusive brands such as: H&M, Reserved, Jysk, MDL, Esprit, Technopolis, Sport Depot, Hippoland, Liu Jo, Guess, Valentin, iCorner, Opticlassa, Scandal, Cook & Home, Pepco, Casyopea, Bul Bel, Daphne, Triumph, Kolev & Kolev, Geox, Eagle Time, Catty, Pompea, Estil, Madame Coco and many more.


On the last floor, you can find Arena Deluxe cinema with its 6 halls equipped with all the latest technology as well as all restaurants among which are Spaghetti Company, Soho Café, Ikigai, Salad Box, Skapto, KFC, Subway, Thang Long, BMS, Ola, Pizza Lab, and others. The floor is designed in the style of a spacious and modern restaurant, where visitors can comfortably stay in a variety of comfortably organized seating areas. We have offered a wide selection of accommodation - booths, sofas, stools, bar stools.


On the -2 floor, we have concentrated all stores that offer all the essential services we need every day. There you can find Billa, Jysk, Next Level Fitness, dm, dry cleaning Clean Zone, flower shop, Zoo Center, and others.


Available to all visitors are the four underground parking levels, which offer around 1100 parking spaces. Bulgaria Mall has a ticketless parking system that allows for quick, easy, and convenient access to the parking by automatically recognizing the number plates.


We know that visitors will see for themselves: Bulgaria Mall is not just a shopping destination, but a wonderful place to feel good and break away from everyday stress.