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Kids movies in English


 Since January 2014 Bulgaria Mall and Kino Arena Deluxe have started an ongoing campaign, showing animated movies in original English audio on a regular basis. The campaign aims to provide quality entertainment for English speaking audiences.

The latest movie title scheduled for screening on February 3 (Sunday) at 11:00 a.m. is How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World RealD 3D. Tickets are available at Kino Arena Deluxe in Bulgaria Mall and on Ticket prices are standard for the Kino Arena Deluxe.


How to Train Your Dragon the Hidden World

When Toothless gets drawn away by the sudden and inexplicable appearance of female Lightfury and a new threat finds their way into Hiccup's crowded dragon utopia, both human and dragon alike are prompted to begin a search for the mythical ancestral home of dragons: a hidden world thought to exist only in myth. A tale of friendship, fate, and ultimately letting go.


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