Bulgaria Mall welcomes autumn and the new school year with lots of games and an information campaign on road safety aimed at the youngest

The daily news of shocking accidents makes us to think about what we can all do to stay calm and safe in our cars. Therefore, we at Bulgaria Mall are launching a #GiveSign! - ROAD SAFETY SCHOOL campign. Our goal is to familiarize children, through interactive learn-and-play games with road users, road signs and possible dangers that may appear. With the the start of the school year - September 15, the youngest students will understand why it is important to cross on footpaths and at a green traffic light; why not ride bikes and scooters across the street and look around before running after the ball. And why shouldn't they play hide and seek between parked cars.

Our team believes that with more interesting activities we will provoke the creation of useful habits in children. They will know what to watch and what to be careful about on the road and in their games.

Last but not least, children can be a good corrective to their parents, and often they themselves insist that the rules be followed.

We are sure that with this campaign we will help more children to use and consolidate their road safety knowledge. In this way, they will be careful about their behavior on the street and more observant about the actions of the people around them. And by learning the rules from a young age, the probability of breaking them in the future decreases.

The campaign #GiveSign - ROAD SAFETY SCHOOL includes activities every Saturday and Sunday in September. Already in the first week - September 10 and 11, in partnership with the "Academy for Parents" free workshops for children will be held in the atrium of the mall. "Try, Create and Learn" EXPO aims to help the youngest students navigate the various extracurricular activities, try different things and maybe discover their talent. In addition to groups on robotics, fun math, drawing and making dolls and toys, the organizers are planning educational games for safe driving.

The campaign will continue on the first day of school. Dances, songs and fun with a favorite animator from the mall are part of the program, which will start at 12:30 p.m. And at 1:30 p.m., a road safety trainer from the Sofia Municipality will present the children - on the principle of "play and learn" - easy and memorable rules about how to behave on the street, what behavior is correct and what is not.

On September 15 itself, we will involve representatives of various institutions in a discussion. On the stage in the atrium of Bulgaria Mall, representatives of the State Agency for Road Safety, the "Children on Board" initiative, the Bulgarian union of the international women's community Soroptimist International and other partners will talk. The event will be broadcast live on the social media channels of the mall and the women's organization.

At the end of the month, together with representatives of the Sofia motorcycle clubs, we will celebrate the end of the 2022 motorcycle season. The bikers will tell the children not only about their passion - the love for the wind and the feeling of freedom that their hobby gives them, but also about the responsibility that there is each of us to other road users.

More details will be posted soon – keep an eye on our website and social media channels. Stay tuned.

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